Transform your life with Reiki (RASA and NHA accredited)

A 12 week affordable,  Certifiable  and comprehensive course that includes amongst others the following topics :

  1. Empowering your client

  2. Quieting your mind

  3. Psychic development

  4. Meet your spirit guide and angel

  5. Seeing auras

  6. The power of your spoken word

  7. The charka system

  8. Keeping chakras open and balanced

  9. Healing techniques

  10. Instinctual healing

  11. Self growth

  12. Dealing with fear

  13. Dealing with self limitations

  14. Psychic surgery

  15. Metaphysical aliments

  16. Self Healing

  17. Self empowerment tools

This course meets all minimum requirements needed by the Reiki Association of South Africa and has been used by the association in establishing requirements for admission to the association

Courses are scheduled once a week, and take place either in the evening or mornings. We will try and accommodate your specific needs in this regard.


Last updated - 17 September 2013

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