Transform your life with Reiki

Children's Reiki is a wonderful gift to give to children as they are not yet limited by their negative experiences.

They still believe in their ability to achieve their dreams and their unlimited potential.

Children's Reiki is taught  in small groups according  to the children's age.

Age 7 to 8 (up to and including Reiki 1) comprises of 4 2hour sessions meeting once a week for 4 weeks.

Age 9 to 11 comprises of 5 2hour sessions meeting once a week for 5 weeks.

We recommend the full 12 week course for children over the age of 15. However we do take special needs into account.

Children's Reiki covers the following topics  : .

  • Centering and clearing  the mind

  • Promoting health

  • Intuition training

  • Healing techniques

  • Realization of the limitless soul

  • taking responsibility for ones feelings and actions

  • coping with negative feeling

  • Developing creativity

  • Self esteem and self worth

  • Effective communication skills

 Phone Claudine 083 515 2882

Courses are scheduled once a week, and take place in the afternoon . We will try and accommodate your specific needs in this regard.


Last updated - 9 November 2002

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